Day 1: Sevilla, Spain

I reached my hotel just in time for a much needed siesta.  I poked my head out the door around 5pm. The city was still sleeping and the sun was still strong and hot.  I I tried to open my eyes in a new way, searching for signs of geometry in the architecture. wandered the streets, shops and plazas to get a feel for the city.

A few of my observations – I saw a man kiss his horse after a carriage ride around the cathedral. I heard only a few horns, and they went ‘boop, boop’ not  ‘beep beep’. I ate croquetas de jamon shaved from pig’s leg on the bar. I listened to people chatting in Spanish as I sat in a plaza resting my feet and eyes. I wandered without purpose along the tiny sidewalks on a maze of streets in the Jewish Quarter. I saw women in fancy dresses, men in suits, women in high heels, wobbly grandmas and grandpas, parents with their children, all riding scooters.

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One thought on “Day 1: Sevilla, Spain

  1. Love the shoes! It is amazing how when you look for it geometry is everywhere! There is so much to learn in the world around us!

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