Day 2: Sevilla and Cordoba

I woke up with heavy eyes to an abrasive wake up call. I savored the café con leche and croissant for breakfast.  The plan was simple today. Pick up Chloe at the bus station, then take the train to Cordoba.  Yet she was delayed, delayed, delayed.  I had already checked out of the hotel, walked to the bus station, bit my nails for a couple hours before I found an Internet connection.  I decided to make the afternoon one of listening.  I sat at a café, ate a bocidilla, drank café and observed.  The regulars came and went, chatting it up with the server.  I tried to tune my ears into the language and separate the slur of sounds into words.  Later I jumped on the C2 bus which is a circular route around the outer limits of Seville.  This bus is free of tourists since it doesn’t hit any major sites.   People on the bus chatted it up and I listened.  Mostly I learned that I have SO much to learn!  The speed and vocabulary were both well outside of my ability level.  The next step – practice speaking.

Chloe finally arrived!  Bien venidos!  We travelled via bus, train and taxi to our hotel, Don Paula, in Cordoba.  We enjoyed a paseo, evening walk, to get our bearings and take in the cool evening air.

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