Day 5 – Sevilla

So when it comes down to it, I love Spain!  Today was another wonderful day in Sevilla.  We started the morning at the Cathedral, which is enormous and elaborate.  A couple of highlights, Christopher Columbus’ remains are in a tomb at this Cathedral (see picture for the unique statues) beside a massive mural of St. Christopher.  I weaseled my way into a guided tour and learned all sorts of facts about both Christopher’s.  I hope it comes in handy in a trivia game someday.  Another highlight was the climb up and view from the Giralda Tower.  It is 34 stories high, but don’t  worry as the climb is by ramp instead of stairs. Much to my surprise this choice was made when this church was a Mosque so that the person that would call believers to prayer could ride his horse to the top of the tower.  After climbing it once I understood the rationale, especially since this call would happen five times a day.

Later that evening we made our way to Los Gallos for a Flamenco Show.  It was a very intimate setting seating 30-40 people.  It did seem a bit tourist heavy, but we were told it was the best show in the city.  Much to our delight, it was amazing!  Before this,  my primary exposure to Flamenco dancing was from watching ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ which pales in comparison (of course).  After researching a bit more, via Wikipedia, I found that traditionally the focus was on the singers in a flamenco show with the dancer and guitarist as secondary performers.  The style is based on deeply sorrowful emotions depicting experiences of loss, death, and heartbreak.  The performers that we saw were excellent at portraying these emotions.  I had tears in my eyes more than once.  There were other sets that were more upbeat and celebratory, yet the former are those that will stick with me.

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