Day 12 – Lisbon (National Pantheon)

After yesterday’s loooong day of hiking up and down a mountain, my legs were very sore.   However there were still things on our Lisbon to do list and we would be heading out this afternoon.  I couldn’t handle another steep climb, so we hailed a taxi for a short but very steep route up to the Alfama neighborhood.  We briefly checked out the Sao Jorge castle and the lovely views of Lisbon.  In the distance we saw a giant dome and tried to find it on our map.  It was not part of our walking tour, but we made our way towards it out of curiosity.  We came up the hill and it towered over us – Portugal’s National Pantheon. Walking inside I was taken aback by a wonderful geometric surprise! All of the details along the floor, walls and ceilings were geometric shapes.  I was able to collect photos and videos from 4 different levels as I climbed the stairs to the top of the dome.  In comparison to many of the elaborate buildings I have visited over the last couple weeks, this was a nice contrast.  It was a very peaceful place to visit with simple but beautiful designs and decorations.  It will be a wonderful resource for the units on lines, two-dimensional shapes, and composite figures.

Our time in Lisbon drew to a close with a walk to the Commercial Plaza by the water and a quick view of the Elevador of San Justa, a very tall and beautiful structure.  Lisbon was a great beginning to my exploration of Lisbon.  The next two cities are going to add a smaller city perspective with old universities and interesting bridges.  To Coimbra I go!

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