Day 18 – Salamanca (Old &New Cathedral)

With a few days to spend in Salamanca we slowed our pace and stopped to smell more of the roses. We spent the morning at the new cathedral and gardens, then the evening at the old cathedral and a train ride. Both cathedrals are massive and beautiful. I’m still taken aback each time I walk up to one of these cathedrals – so big and so much detail!  Wow!  We stumbled upon a lovely garden with grape vines, a wishing well, fragrant trees, trickling fountains, a view of the city, and a gentle breeze to cool us. It was perfect place to wander outside in the shade (the sun in brutal). Post siesta we made our way back to the cathedrals, which are attached. This time we entered the old cathedral, also massive and beautiful.  This cathedral had a gorgeous and elaborate altar piece with 52 paintings telling the story of Jesus’ life.

At this point we had viewed three of the major sites in Salamanca but didn’t have a feel for the city yet.  To take care of this we boarded a motorized mini-train that gave a guided tour of the city.  Due to the combination of super bumpy roads and Spanish only explanations, the train ride received mixed reviews.  It did help us prioritize what else we wanted to see and helped orient us a little more.

Our day had started with a run along the river and ended on a chair in Plaza Mayor.  We tried a restaurant down a side street for tapas then went back into the plaza for ice cream and to watch the world go by.

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