Day 19 – Salamanca (Estaban and Roman Bridge)

The Monastery Estaban, another beautiful building!  This has another gorgeous cloister, with great geometric shapes, gentle breezes and birds chirping – a few of my favorite things!  The church in this monastery was massive and had a glimmering gold altar. I continue to be taken aback by the size of these buildings! And not only one, there are several.  It’s unreal.  There was a large collection of maps drawn in the 1500’s and 1600’s.  The maps are intricate and beautifully decorated.  Similar to Sevilla, we were not allowed to photograph in that area and they didn’t have any books that contained these images. I really enjoyed looking at these maps, but left a bit disappointed that I would have nothing to share with my students.

In the evening we hiked down the hillside to the Roman Bridge.  It is a pedestrian-only bridge so we had could wander without worrying.  We crossed the bridge then went down below to take a closer look.  It is strange walking on a bridge that is so old and so many feet have passed over.  This simple bridge will be a great contrast for my students to the bridges in Porto.

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