Day 20 – Salamanca (University)

The morning started out on the right foot with churros con chocolate.  Churros are deep fried dough, almost donut-like, that one dips in a mug of chocolate…mmmm.  With a full stomach and higher cholesterol, we were off to tour Salamanca University.  The room that stands out to me the most is the library.  We could only peek in the doorway, but it was still amazing and beautiful.  Books & globes were at eye level and a beautifully painted ceiling above. I doubt that I would get any studying done in that library.  I would just spend my time daydreaming and looking around. Also worth noting were the hallway ceilings decorated with Moorish designs.  As a geometry teacher, this style is an absolute delight!  Their style was focused on repetitive shapes and designs with gorgeous colors, which will be so much more interesting for my students to study.

Our evening paseo proved to be a long walk on the look-out for more geometric shapes.  We started in the University garden then continued to walk around the city.  We found fountains, parks and churches along the way.  Ultimately we ended back at Plaza Mayor as we needed to document this space in the daylight.  I’m really excited for my students to work with the photos, videos, and model in the 2D and 3D units!

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