Day 21 – Segovia (Alcazar)

We were up bright and early to catch the bus to Segovia. It was sad driving away from Salamanca, but another adventure was ahead of us. We drove through Avila on the way and captured a few photos of the city walls. Originally I planned to visit this city but after more research I found Segovia would provide stronger geometric connections, so we were on our way.

We hailed a taxi to take us from the bus station to our hotel, the best decision of the day. The ride was up, up, up windy cobblestone streets. I imagined our strain, sweat and sighs if we had attempted to drag our bags up the hills. Grateful for the ride, we checked in and still had energy to explore. We started at the cathedral to experience a church service in Spain.  The bishop presided, the choir sang, the organ played, and the altar boys horsed around.  It was wonderful to see locals engaged in the cathedral’s mass to contrast our regular church companions with cameras in tow.

By the time we decided on a place for lunch, we were hot, tired and hungry…never a good combination. This combination results in a drastic drop in my ability to make decisions and communicate in Spanish.  We struggled through ordering tapas and lasagna and our spirits rose soon after.  Our next stop was the Alcazar (castle), which may be straight out of a fair tale.  I have read that this castle was the inspiration for the one in Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, which I would not doubt. The outside structures are wonderful 3D geometric figures and the interior’s was filled with simple geometric patterns.  As a side note, there was a wonderful display of armor and weapons, which I’m hoping I can find a way to use in class. Our final feat was to climb the steep spiral staircase to the top of the castle tower. It is the only view like this in the city, but it is not without an effort.

By the time we grabbed sandwiches and reached our hotel, we were whooped, so we called it an early night.

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