Day 24 – Segovia and Madrid

I woke up this morning wondering where the time had gone – the last day of my Fund for Teachers adventure.  We began the day with a ‘Segovian breakfast’, consisting of a couple fried eggs, café con leche, and two varieties of jamon.  This nourished us for some last minute souvenir shopping and a walk down the main street for a final view of the Roman Aqueduct.

Soon thereafter we were on a high-speed train for a quick, 30-minute ride to Madrid.  Since we had a very early flight the next morning, we dropped our bags and high-tailed it into the city.  To finish off our exploration of palaces, we toured the Royal Palace in Madrid.  It happened to be the day that EU students entered for free, so the palace was bustling. This palace is extravagant, and a bit over the top for my taste.  Without a doubt, it feels like a place where a hoity-toity king and queen would show off their wealth.  We closed down the place and walked over to Plaza Mayor.  It’s another nice plaza, but couldn’t beat out the one in Salamanca.  Despite expensive food and waiters calling out to lure in business, we still enjoyed a seat in the midst of the hustle and bustle.  When the sun went down the plaza had a lovely soft glow.  We got a kick out of the strange street entertainers while we walked along the perimeter to savor our last night in Spain.  We ended our evening with gelato from the nearby market.  Hands-down, the best gelato we had in Spain, which was no easy feat.

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