Keep, Change, Start, Stop – Student Feedback

I stumbled upon a great reflection form  to gather feedback from students (from Sarah Hagan’s blog Math = Love). I’ve tried many different methods over the years, which I have now scrapped because this one is awesome! I love this one because it’s short and sweet, while still being open-ended. Unfortunately the feedback won’t impact this year’s group of students, but I’m going to work on addressing these for next year’s crew. Also, I’m planning on giving this quarterly next year so that I can adjust things as we go. So here’s some of what they had to say!

KEEP (these fell into 3 main categories)

  • Helps me study; Easy to understand;  Super helpful; Color-coded notes; Graphs & Visuals; Layout of the notebook; Neat and Organized Notes
Reviewing/Practicing Content
  • Games (review strips, stations, jeopardy)
  • Review homework (throw-backs)
  • Review Packets with the correct answers so we could practice over and over
  • Step-by-step explanations that makes it easy to understand
  • Quiz Quiz
  • Doing quiz corrections
  • Staying after school to keep trying to help students
  • SAT practice
  • The homework and Do Now’s helped me to better understand
  • The agenda on the board
  • Interesting lesson plans
  • Do Now Packet


  • Do Now’s – make it a mix of SAT & what we are learning in class
  • More examples in the notes
  • Review games for every new topic
  • Go deeper into the lessons


*I asked them to consider things they do in other classes that helps them learn and include these ideas here
  • Weekend HW Review – for what was learned that week
  • Reviews throughout the entire year, instead of just the end
  • More projects, group work, teams and discussions
  • Having more time for questions after we have completed a topic
  • Give out SAT HW packet and we can do one or two problems a day to practice on our own *from Pre-Calculus class
  • Gather the questions students did wrong on tests and quizzes, then give an assignment in class to help improve learning
  • Time the Do Now
  • Math games & activities *this is from the class that needs to prep for the state test. There is a time-pressure that deters me from playing review games with the students, but maybe I should rethink this…
  • Binder *I did a poor job of helping them stay organized with all the other handouts, homework, etc. I think this comment is a plea for me to help them stay organized.


  • Giving quizzes a lot
  • Grading the problem sets so strictly – it’s too much sometimes
  • Harsh attendance policy *they have to be on time =)
  • You have the strongest rules in this school, so maybe you can make it a little easier.
  • Giving homework everyday

Here is a picture of the reflection form. You can download it from the original source – Thanks Sarah!

Keep Change Start Stop



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