ISN – Introduction Pages

This school year was my first full attempt on Interactive Student Notebooks (the year before I started it second semester in Algebra 1 and Geometry). This year I taught Pre-Calculus and Geometry. Many of the resources I’ve used were found on blogs. You’ll be able to tell because these are the pretty ones. =)

Inside Front Cover Pre-Calculus: On the inside the front cover of the ISN I decided to place a handout that I would have the students refer to regularly.  The first was for the Pre-Calculus class. A wonderful colleague, Ms. Ford, shared this resource with me. In Pre-Calc there is a lot of sketching and graphing, and this was a great guide informing them of my expectations. Anytime they needed to graph many would open back up to this page and do a great job. And those that didn’t, well…


Inside Front Cover Geometry: Below is the handout for the inside front cover for the Geometry class. In this class we do a lot of work with answering open response questions in preparation for the state test. Our math department worked really hard this past year to develop an open response protocol. This is the student friendly version that we came up with and they would open up to this page when we worked on any word problem.


Page 1: Numbers About Me: The first page was an icebreaker activity from Sarah Hagan’s “Math = Love” blog called Numbers about Me. The students wrote five different numbers and the significance of that number to them. The example I used was the number 5, because I come from a family of 5 kids. I’m thinking about making this into a “speed dating” activity next year, where they will introduce themselves to another student and share one of their numbers and the significance, then rotate.

INTRO_Numbers About Me

Page 2 –  Course Guide:  I found a version of this course guide on the amazing blog “Everybody is a Genius”.  With a few edits, it became a great course guide for my classes. It’s easy to locate all the important information and much more student friendly than the traditional syllabus. (I do have a more in-depth syllabus that I share with the students, but it’s not in their ISN.)

INTRO_Course Guide2


2 thoughts on “ISN – Introduction Pages

  1. I absolutely love the sketch/graph page in your pre-calc notebook! This will be my first time teaching pre-calc, so I’m definitely going to steal this idea! I also love how you had the students put their numbers about me page in their notebooks. Awesome!

    Thanks so much for sharing! I’m really looking forward to keeping up with your blog!

    • Thanks Sarah! I’ve been following your blog for about a year and it has inspired me countless times! I’m going to post a lot of pages from my PreCalc notebook and would love feedback. It did the trick, but needs work.

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