The beginning of a Pre-Calc Notebook – Symmetry

This was my first time teaching Pre-Calculus and I had very few resources to draw from, so I relied mostly on the textbook. Throughout this year I struggled with figuring out exactly how much content should be on each page and how many examples should follow. I was worried about running out of room in the notebook at the end of the year, so sometimes I was stingy on examples or we would do other examples on handouts. I’m definitely going to adjust that this next time around by not cramming as much into each page and providing more examples on following pages.

This is the beginning of Unit 1 – Functions, in my Pre-Calculus notebook.

#1: Point Symmetry – On the inside of the blue paper is a Frayer Model graphic organizer for the definition of point symmetry. (I’ll update this with a photo of the right side of this page soon, which are just some written examples.)

PreC_#1.1_Point Symmetry_R










#2: Line Symmetry – This page includes another Frayer Model and a four-section foldable. The graphs that were on the inside are pictured below and we wrote the definitions in the middle sections. The left side was an example from the textbook with a graph and color-coding.

PreC_#1.2_LR_Line Symmetry


PreC_#1.2_LR_Line Symmetry_INSIDE
















#3: Even and Odd Symmetry – Again, a couple Frayer models and some examples of graphs. The examples on the left side all started with the same function in the first quadrant. The students had to complete each table and graph to create a function that was even, odd, or neither.


FrayerModel_2 FrayerModel_3



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