A Map of Thinking for Understanding

My thoughts on the book Making Thinking Visible by Ron Ritchhart, Mark Church and Karin Morrison. – continued

The questions – “What kinds of thinking do you value and want to promote in your classroom? What kinds of thinking does that lesson force the students to do?”

The challenge is posed to teachers – to step back and consider, what do I want the students doing mentally? What type(s) of thinking? When I ‘stepped back’, I wasn’t sure exactly what my choices were. I could flounder around a bit, throw out some ideas, but I wasn’t very happy about that. And neither were the authors. What they found is that teachers would often flounder (making me feel better), then ask if the answer was found within Bloom’s taxonomy. Well, it is and it isn’t. They worked to put together a couple of lists to make visible the forms, dimensions, and processes of thinking. They say time and again that these lists are not comprehensive and could be fleshed out further. But, these lists will help us determine the types of thinking that we are going to later work to make visible in our classrooms.

The lists are broken into two ‘Maps of Thinking’. The first is based on thinking moves to aid in understanding and the second to solve problems, make decisions, and form judgements. I was struck by this concept and wanted to wrap my head around these thinking moves. I also wanted to create some sort of document that I could have nearby as I’m lesson planning. Below is the document I created for the first list (link to the prezi below). The second document will come along soon.

Understanding Map



A Map of Thinking involved in Understanding Prezi




2 thoughts on “A Map of Thinking for Understanding

  1. Robin,
    Thank you for joining in the July Challenge! I am so sorry for having missed your blog.. for some reason, I kept reading over the “wordpress” part and going to your BlogSpot account and that blog was dormant. So excited to read your posts.. it definitely looks like some great stuff!

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