Interactive Student Notebook Calendar



I wanted to create a calendar for our Interactive Student Notebook this year. This is going in the front of their notebook, and we will refer to it regularly. I wrote in our weekly quizzes which will help them to plan ahead, reduce the occurrence of the question, “We have a quiz today???”, and will also hold me accountable for giving weekly quizzes. I also included a little box on each page for a monthly report. My plan is for them to record their absences and averages by category here.

Here are my 3 big reasons/hopes for including this calendar:

1) Attendance – at our school we are working on decreasing student absences, which is a huge problem. I’ve found that my students often don’t realize how often they are absent and/or they don’t realize the impact of being absent once every week or so. There is also a really, really big problem with students arriving significantly late to school, which kills their performance in their first period class. I already make a connection when a student returns from an absence and when they come late to school. I’m going to follow that up by having them to record the absence/tardy in their calendar and reminding them to pick up their missing work. Also, at the end of the month, we will record their absences for the month in the monthly summary. My hope is that this visual reminder will help raise their awareness of the pattern and become powerful tool when discussing grades.

2) Homework – I’m going to have them record the points they earn for homework each day to help students recognize their patterns (both positive and negative). I will use this calendar as one resource when I have connect with students about their grades.

3) Planning – we used to provide planners for students but this was cut a number of years ago due to a reduced budget. Very few of my students use a calendar or planner of any sort. I want to start teaching them the soft skills of using a calendar to plan ahead.


ISN Calendar – Full Page


ISN Calendar – One Month


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